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Contract Manufacturer of Mechanical Assemblies, Electrical Assemblies and Packaging

Specializing in the custom assembly of small parts.

General Assembly & Mfg. Corporation is a contract assembler, performing a wide range of hand, power assisted and automated assembly and packaging operations. Founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1979, we have been a reliable source for assembly, packaging and manufacturing needs for 25 years.

We are located approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago, and occupy 30,000 square feet of a 72,000 square foot building. In 1985, we moved from our original work area in the basement of a building in Chicago to a 9,000 square foot facility in Cary, Illinois. Further expansion occurred in 1991 and again in 1996 to the size we occupy today. Approximately 55% of this is allocated to manufacturing and tool room, 40% warehousing and the balance office.

Our manufacturing capabilities include eyeleting, orbital and press riveting, hand soldering, resistance welding and ultrasonic welding. We also provide a wide variety of bench assembly such as gluing, staking, forming, etc. We do marking and decorating such as hot stamping an roll transfer printing, and we perform secondary machining operations on metals and plastics. Our packaging resources consist of blister packaging, shrink wrapping and poly bagging as well as simple product packaging.

Excellent control systems complement our manufacturing capabilities. Inventory and processes are monitored by order and by customer. Work in process, incoming materials and outgoing product are closely and consistently checked to stringent quality assurance procedures, all to ensure that the resulting product will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

The variety, size and complexity of the products we handle contrasts considerably. We assemble parts as simple as two-piece snap together toys to complex precision tools consisting of dozen of parts. We fabricate and test product as critical as gas mask drink tube assemblies and respirator breathing circuits. We manufacture assembles using components smaller than a grain of rice, and are equally adept at handling product as large as an office file cabinet. We process orders in almost any volume hand assembly of hundreds of pieces per year to fully automated assembly of several million pieces per year.

Our customers look to us for help in many areas as well. Often, it is more economical for us to provide a finished assembly as opposed to producing it in house. Sometimes it is just easier to procure one finished part instead of several components, easing the burden on inventory as well. Frequently we offer special capabilities not part of the normal production operations. For whatever reason, outsourcing is usually a viable alternative.

Over the years, our customer relationships have strengthened and flourished. We feel this is due to our outstanding reliability, flexibility and determination to provide quality customer service.

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